Valhal Outdoor

Cast iron outdoor cooking utensils and accessories

As an ode to outdoor cooking, the Valhal Outdoor 2014 adventure begins in Denmark, the land of the Vikings. With the aim of reuniting the fun, versatility and convenience of outdoor cooking, a range of Dutch ovens and related items were born. The Netherlands has officially been the home of Valhal Outdoor since 2018. Because a real Viking doesn’t stay in the same place for long – doesn’t stand still.

The manufacturer VALHAL offers many great items that make outdoor cooking more fun, versatile and easy, with a clear focus on the quality of the materials selected and the product design.

Sustainable products from Valhal Outdoor!

Valhal outdoor products can be passed on from generation to generation by not compromising on production or quality and always choosing materials whose use is sustainable.

The passion for cooking or cooking outdoor can be passed on from generation to generation along with Valhal outdoor products. In this way, Valhal helps connect people.

A natural consequence of a pan that will last for generations is a reduction in waste.

In this way, a healthier planet is made for all subsequent generations at the same time!

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