MEATER Bluetooth Thermometer

The first truly wireless smart thermometer now available!

What is special about the MEATER thermometer?

There are many grill thermometers on the market. You may rightly ask yourself: Why another thermometer? A disadvantage that many grill thermometers have is the cable. Meater has developed the world’s first wireless Bluetooth thermometer! It comes completely without cable. All the technology is in the sensor itself. Owners of a rotary spit will know the problem: How do I control the core temperature of my barbecue when my meat automatically rotates on the skewer? Conventional grill thermometers are wired. The cable would wind itself up. The company apptionlabs from Leicester, England has solved this problem with the Meater thermometer.

How does the MEATER grill thermometer work?

The Meater thermometer consists of the sensor and a stylish bamboo charging station. The sensor itself contains all the technology – including the battery. To make the desired settings for the cooking process, you need the free app. This is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the respective AppStore. The Meater thermometer is then connected to the app via Bluetooth.



  • Bluetooth: Up to 10 meters range
  • For distances over 10 meters: Select MEATER Cloud or MEATER Plus


  • Bluetooth: Up to 10 meters range
  • W-LAN / Wifi: Up to 50 meters range
  • For distances over 50 meters: MEATER Cloud

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