Matador's BBQ

Smoke Crunches

Matador’s BBQ® Smoke Crunches, unlike other smoking chips, are made from granulated fruit seeds and shells. The intense flavour quickly reaches the smoke and the fascinating aromas are a real enrichment for every barbecue.

The smoke aromas clearly stand out from the well-known woods. French nut, Mediterranean olive or African cocoa instead of hickory and co.

Matador’s BBQ® Smoke Crunches are made from renewable resources and are 100% natural.

Matador’s BBQ® Smoke Crunches are easy to use and suitable for every grill. The optimum grain size of the crunches ensures a long-lasting aroma in the smoke.

Smoke Gun

The Smoke Gun from Matador’s BBQ refines food and drinks quickly and easily. The cool smoke develops in seconds in the solid aluminium casing and is directed to the smoked food via the supplied hose. Matador’s BBQ Smoke Crunches are ideal as smoking material.

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