DELIVITA wood burning oven – Design and quality – handmade

Our DELIVITA wood-burning oven is one of the lightest traditional clay ovens in the world. With a total weight of just under 30 kg, these ovens are conveniently portable, easy to use and pleasant to handle – just too perfect for the small balcony and outdoor kitchen!

A temperature of 450-600 °C is reached in just under 25 minutes. The charring is less intense, but the food retains the typical smoke aroma at the same time. This is a quick and healthy way to cook, unlike traditional grilling!

As a tabletop stove with a unique heat-insulated base, it can be placed on any external surface without heat damage. The DELIVITA wood oven is suitable for roasting, grilling, baking or smoking.

DELIVITA wood-burning ovens are easy to use and portable – simply perfect for homemade, healthy and delicious food!

DELIVITA oven test / experiences

We thank Mr. Thorsten Brandenburg (barbecue world champion and successful operator of the nationwide known blog for the successful and exclusive product presentation of DELIVITA.

Hier geht es direkt zum Test-Bericht:

DELIVITA Holzbackofen Ofen Pizzaofen Lehmofen Backofen

DELIVITA ovens – simple, versatile and flexible


DELIVITA Accessories for oven – simple and practical

DELIVITA Deluxe oven rack

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